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November 12th 2017

Greetings everyone.  

The weather is really cold right now so remember to bring gloves with you to class and dress appropriately.

We had a good year of demonstrations and travel to other events.  Unless something comes up,  we're probably done for the year on trips.  

We had some congratulations practice a few weeks ago.  October 21st and 22nd was the MWKF Taikai in Battle Creek Mi, and a bunch of us went.  Everyone but Josh tested ( he has to wait a year ).  Tyler C is now a 4 Kyu, Chris L has his 1 Kyu as does Hyung Y.  Ziplock also got his 3 Dan!!!!! Because of all of these rank ups and my birthday on the 30th, we had a Special Class and setup stations for each of them and myself and everyone else rotated through!!!!

For those members on the email list,  we'll be having some Saturday classes in November, December and January indoors.  So watch your email for those dates.  If you are not a member and show up to class on the spur of the moment and we aren't at the park, then were having a class indoors so come back the next week.  We'd love to meet you and make you part of the group.

I have added a group photo of our visit to Battle Creek Michigan as well.

Also from your smartphone try the mobile site:  http://www.kckendo.com/kendo/


John Drakey