Kendo Federations

International Kendo Federation (FIK)
This site the homepage for the Internation Kendo Federation (FIK). It is composed of National Kendo Federations, each representing a different nation or region.

All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF)
News and background information regarding Kendo and Iaido for the continental US.

Midwest Kendo Federation (MWKF)
The official Midwest Kendo Federation website. This site includes a lot of good information about Kendo as well as a listing of other Kendo clubs in the area.


Kendo E-Zines
This is a well known Kendo web-magazine. Here you will find various articles, forums, and videos ranging from Kendo championships to Kendo-Kata and more.


Kendo Equipment Suppliers
Very good quality Kendo equipment at attractive prices! The CEO is a friend of Kurokami Sensei. (Location: Torrance, CA)


Local weather listings

Yahoo Weather for Overland Park, KS
It is essential to check the weather because we are an Aozora (blue sky) dojo!